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Plymouth Michigan Chiropractor

Better Health


Better Health is essential. We can help you develop healthy

nutritional habits and offer tips to improve overall wellness.

We'll also be glad to help you implement small changes,

so you can take one managable step at a time. 

Significant change can occur as simply as switching

from canned vegetables to frozen, then from

frozen to fresh, to locally grown, to organic and

pesticide-free. One step at a time makes change easy. 

In addition to offering lifestyle guidance, we can provide 

weight loss solutions that work and a variety of in-house

nutritional and herbal therapies to help support normal

physiologic processes and overall health including:


  • Adrenal and thyroid support

  • Healthy fatty acid intake

  • Regulation of blood sugar

  • Digestive support

  • Mood, emotions, and mental clarity

  • Healthy brain and neurological support

  • Support for children

  • Immune system support

  • Increased energy

  • Cleanse and purification programs


Simple steps you can begin today:


  • Start each day with a nutritious breakfast

  • Eat as many organic fruits/vegetables as possible

  • Eat grain fed, antibiotic and growth hormone free meat when possible

  • Eat only organic dairy products that are free of growth hormones

  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily with lemon slices 

  • Drink green tea

  • Shop the perimeter of your grocery store which helps you to avoid processed packaged food

  • If you choose to use artificial sweeteners, use Stevia or raw honey that is locally grown

  • Supplement healthy fatty acids (omega-3’s)



  • Artificial flavors and sweeteners especially aspartame which is found in most diet sodas

  • Trans fats

  • Genetically modified foods

  • High fructose corn syrup


Would you like to begin a journey to Better Health TODAY? We're here to help. Call or visit today!

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